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Our Training Projects

Our flexible, online programs are designed to bring the Invest In Africa training sessions to you, and are built around the following masterclasses

To create cultures of transparency and trust, practitioners should demonstrate strong standards of integrity when advising business leaders.
Let us dive into it 

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, we anticipate that SMEs will continue to experience supply and demand reduction, diminished confidence from the financial markets, and a reduction of credit. Let us work around that 

The Investment Readiness Program (IRP) helps IIA members to design, measure, and scale in order to get ready to accept financial investments.

Explore the extent to which traditional marketing theory and practice can be applied in SMEs and consider how owner-managers perceive their own role in marketing within a small business setting.

How to start?
How to keep it rolling?
How to succeed knowing,
Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts

The tendering process can seem very complicated and time consuming, and it is understandable that this makes some companies choose to avoid tendering for public sector work. Have all the, How to’s answered

The Forum operates a global membership network of IIA members that brings together financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation, and promote the growth of SMEs.

Moving toward an open and competitive economy requires developing and supporting private sector and establishing small and medium-sized enterprises

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